Sugar tourism

Sugar mills

Several of the mills are open to the public. Notable amongst the older mills is the St Felix Mill which is at the south end of the island near to Souillac. The tour costs 100 rupees for children and 150 rupees for adults, but gives you the chance to see the production – from unloading of the freshly cut cane to the output of granulated sugar, mollasses and fertilizer. There are two cranes operating most of the time – an electric crane and a steam crane. The molasses are used for rum and cattle feed. Although the process is energy intensive external power is not required because the pulp is dried and burnt in large furnaces which provide heat, steam and electricity for the processing. The ratio of cane to produced sugar by weight is 10:1. Such tours are noisy but worthwhile.

L’Aventure du Sucre

A much more extensive exhibition of sugar is available outside Port Louis, near to the gardens at Pamplemousses at “L’Aventure du Sucre” . The converted sugar mill has very many pictures and displays on the history of the industry. It includes the agriculture of the island and the products into which sugar is made (rum, molasses, various types of sugar). There is a restaurant, Le Fangourin Restaurant, and a souvenir shop, but both are very much geared to foreign tourists. You can view the website at:

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